Scientific degree, rank, position: Ph.D., associate professor of religious studies, theology and cultural studies.

1. Kyiv State Institute of Culture. O.Korniychuka (Rivne Department) in 1982 (specialty – cultural, educational work, qualification – the organizer-methodologist of cultural and educational work).
2. State Academy of Culture and Arts. Kyiv in 1996 (specialty – cultural, qualification – teacher culture, Ukrainian and foreign culture).
3. Vasyl Stefanyk Subcarpathian National University, Graduate School (hospital) 1999-2002.
Theme of dissertation: “Ukrainian song in the context of artistic life in the second half of Galicia. XIX – beg. XX century. “(2002)
Main courses are instructor reads: Culture, history of Ukrainian culture, religion, Ukrainian and foreign culture.
Public order: is responsible for distance learning at the department.

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